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Why happiness at work?

Happy companies succeed. Happy companies grow. Happy companies innovate. The present & future of any organization lies in the happiness levels of its employees. Performance & Happiness are deeply inter-connected.

Higher the positive experience, higher is the performance.

Happiness at work is that feeling you get when you:

  1. Enjoy what you do
  2. Do great work you can feel proud of & tell others what you do
  3. Work with amazing people/mentors
  4. Know that what you do is important
  5. Are appreciated/recognized for your work
  6. Learn and grow
  7. Make a difference in lives of customers, colleagues & family members
  8. Feel motivated and energized
  9. Feel part of something larger than life

And it’s not just good for people.

Global Organizations have understood the importance of inner well-being & happiness at the work-spot. More and more businesses are finding that things go better with happiness and that happy companies have:

• Higher productivity—happy people achieve better results.
• Higher quality—because happy employees care about quality.
• Lower absenteeism—people actually want to go to work.
• Less stress and burnout—happy people are less prone to stress.
• The best people—people want to work for happy companies.
• Higher sales—happy people are the best salespeople.
• Higher customer satisfaction—happy employees are the best basis for good service.
• More creativity and innovation—happy people are more creative.
• More adaptability—happy people are much more adaptive and open to change.
• Better stock performance and higher profits—for all of the above reasons.

Simply put. Happy companies are more efficient and profitable. And they make people happy, which is of course a goal in itself.

TGR Happyness Circle helps you to enhance your organization's productivity & profitability through a series of happiness enhancing strategies and activities.

It all starts with a simple pre-measurement of the happiness index of your organization. It's FREE.

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