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Valley of Flowers - Annual Himalayan Experience Program - July 20th - July 28th 2013

TGR Happyness Circle invites you to participate in an experience of a life-time - a visit to the sacred Himalayas.

Travel along the river from Rishikesh & Haridwar and witness the many confluences of the tributaries that join together to form the mighty Ganga.

Drink in the ethereal beauty of the Valley of Flowers and the divine sight of the Hemkund Sahib lake.

This program got cancelled due to natural calamity in Uttarkhand state.

Welcome to the Valley of Flowers

Dates: 20 to 28 July 2013 (ex-Delhi). Download the program itinerary by clicking the download link below.

Limited Seats only. Register before 15th June 2013.

TGR, Chakra Meditation, 2nd June 2013, Chennai, India

Chakra means literally "wheel or circle". In yogic context it is called as "Vortex" or "Whirlpool".

Chakras are vortices of psychic energy and they are visualized and experienced as circular movements of energy at particular rate of vibration.

Meditating on Chakras is one of ancient ways to harmonize and balance the energies in the body, mind, emotions & life energy.

In this session, basics of chakras and a simple & effective chakra meditation technique was shared with our members.

Physical Energization Exercises - 26th May 2013, Chennai

All of us know and agree that keeping our body active & energetic is a must and useful for healthy living.

Busy lifestyle & business priorities occupy our major time and we have no time to learn or practice.

In this week, TGR we shared, physical Energization exercises which can be practiced in 10-15 minutes. 

These practices are so simple, yet powerful that you can practice it Any day, Any time, Any place. Absolutely no restrictions.

Energy, Flexibility & Peace of Mind guaranteed.

Intentional Health - Tools for Health, Wealth & Success, 19th May 2013

This program is designed to provide you with tools and process to breath through your present life reality. To go for higher levels of wealth, health & happiness.

Success books teach you logical motivated actions, while this program helps you to identify the limiting beliefs and to make them your stepping stone to success in all areas of life.

Laughter Yoga - 12th May 2013, Chennai

Laughter is the best medicine in the world.

Laughter is truly a life changing experience, fun exercise for well being, has many health benefits, helps in stress reduction, depression or high blood pressure.

TGR - Train the Trainer, May 31st - June 2nd @ Coimbatore

Financial Freedom - How to make the money work for you - 5th May 2013

Do you want more Money?

Do you want money to work for you?

This was an amazing session to understand the deeper secrets about Money making.

Special guest of honour Ravi Padmanaban - Founder, Chennai Entrepreneur's club & Chennai Investors Club & the famous Money Workshop shared unique techniques & principles to make more money in your life.

Never, Never say NO to money! 

Food Yoga - Healthy food, Healthy Living - 27th Apr 2013

Food is the most basic necessity of life. 

Its only purpose is to nourish the body, mind and soul. Food, therefore, should give us life, cleanse our body and uplift our spirit. Eating food should never be just about fueling the physical body.

What kind of food you eat not only decides the physical aspect of your body, it also decides the very way you think and feel.

Molecular science and quantum physics and establishes the fact that food, like everything in this world, is essentially just another form of energy.

But cooking destroys the life energy of the plant or animal, food in its live form is easiest for your body to digest. While it is up to you to choose a food plan that suits your individual needs, a diet containing 30 to 40 percent of live fruits, raw vegetables and sprouts will serve your body well.

In this week's TGR, we shared an amazing way to cook food without fire. The participants learnt & ate the food they prepared as their morning breakfast.

It was a hands-on practical session.

Art of Story-Telling, 14th Apr 2013, Chennai, India

Human beings are not set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories- Roger Schank - Cognitive Scientist

We are our stories.Stories are important cognitive events which captures information, knowledge,context and emotions into one compact package.

Every successful CEO, leader or entrepreneur understood the power of story telling. 

The short answer is that storytelling is useful in far more situations than most people realize. The five most commonly used by leaders are probably these: inspiring the organization/team, setting a vision, teaching important lessons, defining culture and values, and explaining who you are and what you believe.

In this week, TGR, we share few simple, practical & powerful story telling techniques.