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Sponsorship Plan

a        Open to anyone above 18yrs
b       Annual membership fees is Rs. 4000/- per person per annum (Inclusive of tax). For couples, Rs. 7000 p.a.(Inclusive of tax). Non-members can attend weekly session by paying Rs.250/- per session. 
First session is FREE for all guests
(w.e.f Apr 01, 2013 changeable any time by the management)

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and become TGR member immediately.

)          1) Entry to free programs(min 52 per year) and Complimentary passes periodically for guests
b         2)  Special membership discount for paid programs/activities
c         3) Access to a year round time-table of events, programs and exciting activities. Check out the latest events, programs and activities by clicking here.
Terms & Conditions:
a         1) Payments once made are non-refundable
b         2) Time table, schedules, programs and activities are changeable and can be altered at any time.
c         3)  Prior bookings are essential to reserve a place in the program. In case minimum numbers are not met, the program may be cancelled or postponed.
d        4)  Bookings are done on first-come first-served basis only. Late comers may be denied entry if the capacity is  reached or the program has started.
e        5)  Members and guests participate in the activities at their own risk. Organizers are not responsible for mishaps/loss and members and guests are expected to take their own precautions.
f)      6)  Opinions and information given by individuals. TGR–Happyness Circle cannot be held responsible for the same. Members are requested to use discretion while acting on any advice or practise.
)         7) Consult your own physician before undertaking change in diet, exercise or lifestyle.

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