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Food Yoga - Healthy food, Healthy Living - 27th Apr 2013

Food is the most basic necessity of life. 

Its only purpose is to nourish the body, mind and soul. Food, therefore, should give us life, cleanse our body and uplift our spirit. Eating food should never be just about fueling the physical body.

What kind of food you eat not only decides the physical aspect of your body, it also decides the very way you think and feel.

Molecular science and quantum physics and establishes the fact that food, like everything in this world, is essentially just another form of energy.

But cooking destroys the life energy of the plant or animal, food in its live form is easiest for your body to digest. While it is up to you to choose a food plan that suits your individual needs, a diet containing 30 to 40 percent of live fruits, raw vegetables and sprouts will serve your body well.

In this week's TGR, we shared an amazing way to cook food without fire. The participants learnt & ate the food they prepared as their morning breakfast.

It was a hands-on practical session.