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Oct'12 Program Feedback

Some Interesting Oct'12 Program Feedback :

I Enjoy this moment in my life and I like the way of expression in this workshop. I will try the techniques for one full month - E. N. Gopi

Yes, I enjoyed myself to control myself  and to be happy and spread happyness all around - Suraj

A Simple, Innovative & Interesting way to connect & spread happyness around all - G.V.Balaji, Bliss Group

I'm using this forum to become balanced & stay happy and make others also happy - Padmaja

Made me for fresh for the week ahead, thanks to TGR - J.Kesavan

Waking up early on a Sunday and coming here was really worthy compensation(my sleep). It was awesome. Especially the ending "Meditation". I Loved it - Yashaswini

This is the first workshop where I felt lite at heart. Thanks to TGR - Selvaraj

I learnt how to be Happy & Successful - Vikram

TGR-Happyness Circle Group Photo of all Oct'12 Programs.